Grading students’ performance

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Who said that it’s only now that universities are taking student assessment seriously? A beloved older Jesuit here at Marquette University gave me his personal assessment-scheme for students, which he claims he has been using since the 1950’s. On a descending scale from 10 to 0, the scale measures the student’s knowledge.

Significat numerus:

NumerusSignificat numerus
10scientiam optimam et praeclarissimam
9scientiam valde superiorem
8scientiam superiorem
7scientiam satis dignam
6scientiam minime dignam
5ignorantiam indignam
4ignorantiam reprehensibilem et intolerabilem
3ignorantiam mirabilem
2ignorantiam incredibilem et vix possibilem
1ignorantiam naturaliter impossibilem
0negationem simplicem

All things old are new again…