Theologians is smart

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Today is payday, so for a treat I swung by Starbucks on the way to work, to get a latte and some coffee for home.

Me: “I’d like a grande latte, please, and this pound of ‘House Blend,’ ground up.”
Barista: “Yes, sir. (to Barista running the espresso-machine) Grande latte! … Oh, for the beans…what kind of coffee maker, sir?”
Me: “Conical-paper-drip, please.”
Barista: “Wow. I haven’t heard the word ‘conical’ in, like, forever. Are you an engineer?”
Me: “No. I’m a theologian.”
Barista: “Wow.”

Whereupon I grabbed my latte, piled into the car, and started heading downtown to Marquette. Two miles into my trip, I realized that I had forgotten to wait for my coffee grounds.