Please patronize your Law School’s Library

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Here at Marquette University we faculty enjoy generous borrowing privileges at our two Libraries. Faculty are allowed to check out books for a year at a time, and renewing them is a snap. A while back I received an e-mail reminder from our Law School’s Library that I have a book checked-out that needed renewing. Alas, I left that e-mail in my Inbox, figuring that I’d be able to get to this “to-do” today, the day after Marquette’s graduation and for me the first day of “now-I-can-get-my-life-back-in-order.” But this morning I turned on my computer, fired up Outlook, and received another e-mail from the Law School Library, not another reminder, but this time an invoice indicating that I’m being charged for the book I had hitherto needed to renew! Oh, and the story doesn’t end there—take a look:

— Law Library Billing Notice For Non-Law Faculty/Staff — You are now being charged for the following material that has not been returned or renewed. All Library privileges have been suspended until this amount is paid. Direct any questions to the Circulation Desk.

FOR AUTHOR: Evans, G. R.
TITLE: Law and theology in the Middle Ages
CALL NO: BX1935 .E83 2002 c.3
BARCODE: 35039018519725
DATE CHECKED OUT: 08–01–05 11:49AM
DATE DUE: 05–11–07

ITEM CHARGE: $390,190.72
TOTAL: $390,205.72

You read that correctly; the Law Library has charged me $390,205.72.

Gee, guys, couldn’t you have at least waived the Billing Fee? I should probably get this taken care of…