PIMS = science of the dead?

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So I’m typing an e-mail to a prospective PhD student and wanted to use the acronym PIMS (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies [Toronto, Canada]), but wasn’t sure that this student would know what “PIMS” meant. Figuring that he might just punch in “PIMS” to a search engine, I fired up Safari, and typed in “PIMS” in the search field. The very first return was a nice and tidy PIMS hyperlink, with no further comment or description. Heartened by my efficiency, I clicked the link thinking, “well, the student will get what he needs easily enough.” But my clicked link brought me here:

image-center The PIMS website

Whaaaaaaaa? I then noticed that the hyperlink was to http://pims.edu, and not my beloved http://pims.ca. Life is good.

PS: What do you think is in the Picture Gallery in the photo?