Uninstalling apps on the Mac

less than 1 minute read

A friend who upgraded his Macbook Air from Apple OS X Mountain Lion to Mavericks is considering uninstalling a program, then reinstalling it, to see whether it will then work. What’s the fastest, most efficient way to do that? Some programs have built-in uninstall features; if yours does, then use that. Otherwise the simple way on the Mac to uninstall a program is to go into your Applications folder, grab the app, and drag it to the Trash Bin. Done.

Sort of. The Mac, like the PC, will still have some cruft left over on the machine after you uninstall (settings files, log files, etc.), so some people will use a dedicated uninstaller app. One that I like very much (free, good, and safe) is AppCleaner. With this program, you open AppCleaner and then drag the app you are uninstalling onto AppCleaner, instead of the trash can. You will note that AppCleaner discovers additional files the program uses/used, and deletes them, too. A nice way to keep your programs clean.