480 Anime Reference Ideas

Another scene transition features the manly Mesousa as Jack Torrence from The Shining and Akane Serizawa as Spider-Man. Later that same episode, you have scene transitions that feature the cast as the cast of Armageddon and Ocean’s Twelve. Episode 20 opens with a montage featuring a Captain Ersatz version of the Star Wars movies. Being a series based around pop-culture-themed alternate dimensions, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi runs up and down the buffet line between western and eastern popular culture of multiple genres.

Gear Fighter Dendoh is a lesser-known mecha series by the Gundam SEED director Mitsuo Fukuda. The show makes numerous humorous references to older mecha shows, and two of its episodes are largely dedicated for parodying Evangelion. Desert Punk focuses on the adventures of a desert handyman called Kanta Mizuno, nicknamed Desert Punk (Sunabōzu), due to his seemingly incredible feats of skill and daring while on the job. Throughout the series, he acquires an apprentice and makes a few friends as well as enemies. During episode 10 of season 1, after the opening plays, Dekomori is humming Contre Les Agressions, the music that plays during Unit-01’s first launch in Rebuild of Evangelion. During episode 9 of season 1, Dekomori exclaims that they have “Synchronization Rate 100%” as she is synced with Rikka on the swingset.

Cat Viper is a big fat cat who loves lasagna, a rare reference to Garfield in a manga. In Hayate the Combat Butler, when the show isn’t referencing Japanese television, it throws in a few American references to shake things up. In one instance, there’s a very obvious Knight Rider parody In fact, the series at one point makes reference to Neverland, and briefly features Michael Jackson. “Tokko Yarou?”, the series’ Next Episode Preview song, is a Suspiciously Similar Song version of The A-Team theme song. Sosuke trains them in the style of a Marine Sergeant, a lot of his dialogue comes from Gunnary Sergeant Hartman of the similarly named Full Metal Jacket.

The true origin of this scenario is unknown, however one well known occurrence of it is in Episode 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, wherein nearly the exact same scenario as above occurs between Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami. On a related note, the bread falling between Nyaruko’s legs is a pun because in Japanese “bread” is pronounced “pan” (ぱん) and “underwear” is pronounced “pantsu” (ぱんつ). At the closing ceremony the song Gurenge from Demon Slayer was preformed. From transitions to commercials, the Japanese Olympic committee and brand sponsors highlighted the unique Japanese animation style that combines snippets of global pop culture with Japanese history and culture.

There’s also a reference to Friday the 13th in the chapter where some of the characters go on a vacation to a cabin in the woods. The manga also contains a reference to the movie Runaway Bride. The pirate anime has clearly worked its way into the hearts of many fans, including Olympians.