How To View Your Photo Reference For Accurate Drawings

Photographer Mark Michaelson has collated a collection of photos taken of people when they were arrested. You will find peculiar faces with often moving or surprising expressions. By extension, anything which is the forward or world-facing part of a system which has internal structure is considered its “face”, like the façade of a building. For example, a public relations or press officer might be called the “face” of the organization he or she represents. Because of the association with individuality, the anonymous person is sometimes referred to as “faceless”. Facial shape – such as facial symmetry – is an important determinant of beauty.

All the features curve up and the ear moves up. How thin the ear is from this angle depends on how close it is set to the head, and that varies individually. However, it is always tilted slightly forward, as that is the direction we have evolved to listen from.

In the eyes, the upper lid becomes much more prominent and quickly changes it usual curve to cover the orb of the eye. The lower lip on the other hand is always a smooth curve, but it can range from nearly flat to generously rounded. It’s always good to mark the lower lip, even with a mere dash. The same goes with the fold of the eyelid, which in addition contributes expression and can make the eye look less alert. I find that when a drawing is too stylized, or so small that the fold can’t be included without changing the expression, it’s best to omit it. The depth of the skull varies between the two dotted lines shown in step 4.

If you’re planning to color in your portrait, try first making a copy of it so that you still have the original black-and-white drawing (and in case you don’t like how you colored it in). Give it an overall theme, but also create 1-4 off topic pieces. Use different mediums to show off all of your skills and remember, “quality over quantity.” This technique may or may not be helpful for you. It varies drastically from person to person. If your drawings are out of proportion try drawing the hips and backbone first.

Watch my video about drawing the head from front view at Btw, from straight on I usually dont use the loomis method because you’re only seeing the front plane. Loomis method is best at an angle where you see front and side.