11 Killer Face Drawing Reference Resources In 2021

The distance between lower lip and chin is also the length of one eye. Use the guidelines to position the featuresDraw two lines slightly in from either side of your circles. These will indicate where the forehead and cheekbones sit. From the centre intersection, place a triangle for the nose and mark out where you want the mouth to go. Then add two triangles for the eyes – these will also help you locate the eyebrows and eye sockets.

Ignore even the features and simplify to the most basic form of the head. I use a method taught by Andrew Loomis in his book, “Drawing the Head & Hands”. Being basically a ball where the features are mapped out on contour lines, the head is easier to foreshorten than may be expected. Within few seconds, Pinterest gives me a lot of real and drawing male and female head reference photos for drawing and 3d modeling. If there are no bags under the eyes, do not draw them. If you can only see two or three lines around the nose, don’t draw more to make it more defined.

If you can construct a correct-looking skull, you can stylize the face in any possible way and always make it look believable. The skull has just one moving part – the jaw. It has quite a flexible joint; besides opening and closing the mouth, it can also move to the sides and back and forth! Try to make an underbite or grind your teeth to see what I mean.

I’ll be using portraits as an example, but the information can be applied to anything. Nice they are good, also the use of graphics helps. The only negative would be to slow it down a bit so students can draw along and learn the techniques. Taking classes at Otis College of Design in Los Angeles. Learning design so a designer needs to know how to draw and have hand skills. I am currently completing a cartooning diploma by distance learning.

I’ve noticed that different artists use different shapes/lines to simplify features from various angles. While trying to do draw a lot of heads from imagination using the Loomis head, I found it hard to check my work and figure out why the heads were looking alien like. I came across this tool and was inspired to make my own version but for human heads.