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Splash Page

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A Student Paper, Immaculately Conceived

Detecting and deterring student cheating is a daily battle in university life. I lost today’s battle, but am now better prepared for tomorrow’s.

Long live the zygote

Is a zygote’s cleavage an act of biological suicide, or is it just another day for a living thing?

A retreat to work

A week at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library was truly Himmel.

Farewell to a new friend

Our colleague, Lucas Chan, died suddenly yesterday. We were just beginning to know him.

Graduate seminar papers

Are we really giving our students the right type of writing assignments in our graduate seminars?

Death and juxtaposition

Two souls with the same prognosis: death by brain tumor. Each goes in a different direction.

The unthinkable, by the unthinking

We say that terrorists do unthinkable things. Yet terrorists are humans like the rest of us, and so they do think. How does this all work?

Viruses on the Mac

My Mac has no anti-virus software on it. Am I tempting fate?

So many excellent projects

A reminder from David Allen contained a neat quotation from St. Francis de Sales. I went and started another project.

Gotta leave port

A newsletter from the American Nurses Association that had a quotation from none other than St. Thomas Aquinas.

Habits and muscle memory

Type on a computer, then play piano, then guitar, and back to the computer. Totally messed me up.

A Quick Note on Texts

Be careful when you find some older articles of us academics. We are nothing if not moving targets, and our newer stuff often replaces our older stuff. And i...

A short note on Aquinas and prayer

Rummaging through some documents I found a note on Thomas Aquinas and prayer that I wrote a few years back, and had completely forgotten about.

Theologians is smart

Knowledge puffs up, especially when you’re a well-caffeinated academic.

What the Pope really was doing was…

Footnotes can cause trouble, and take away from the main message. But for Pope Benedict XVI, the message was about the centrality of reason.

Grading students’ performance

A veteran Jesuit here at Marquette told me that he’s been doing ‘assessment’ since the 1950’s. Here’s how…