What Are Totals And Over Under Bets?

However, over/under odds with sports bets rarely stray much further than -110 or +100 or +110. But bettors generally like odds like that, because anything close to even money is a nice payout, no matter the size of the bet. For an over/under bet, an operator posts a number for total points, runs or goals in a game and bettors wager whether the actual number will be higher or lower. Different sites might have different numbers for their over/under, so bettors should shop around for those over/unders with the best odds.

This means that they predict that the two teams will score a combined total of 66 points. You will then place a wager on whether the actual combined score will be over or under that amount. If you think that one or both teams has a particularly strong offense and it will be a high-scoring affair, you would bet over. If you think it will be a defensive struggle, ending in very low scores on both or either side, then you would bet under. If the final score is something like 44-40, then the combined score would be 84, meaning the game is an over.

If a bettor placed $100 on the over, and the final score was 49-0, the bettor would net a profit of $90.91. Conversely, if the bettor chose the under and that final was 42-0, the net profits would be the same. Have you ever logged on to your account or visited your local sportsbook and wondered what the “total” number with “O” and “U” next to numbers represented? Each football game and bet type will attract loads of action, including totals.

To combat this, most sportsbooks will change the odds rather than the line and then follow the money based on who’s betting on what. NBA over under bets are relatively straightforward and like that of the NFL. The biggest difference is that the line is much higher, with most games averaging over 200 points per game. A good NFL over under pick would usually be the under as the games are notorious for low-scoring affairs. The highest Super Bowl over under result was 58 in 2017 when the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons.

Much the like the NFL, the NBA is enjoying a period of free-flowing offense. In recent seasons NBA teams have been posting totals reminiscent of the early 80s. Gambling has gotten so advanced now that people can actually make bets while the game is going on.

Next to the point spread are the odds which both are at -110. Odds of -110 is pretty common, but sometimes you can find a sportsbook with reduced juice. Using our example, the Steelers are favored to win over the Bills. We know that because our ROI on the Steelers is lower than the Bills. A $100 wager placed on the Steelers nets $80 while the same bet on the Bills nets $130.